160m Vertical, Wire Antenna Kit including 18m fiberglass pole


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Weight: 9.20 kg

kit for building an effective 160m wire vertical with 4 top hats - including 18m fiberglass pole -

This complete kit contains all needed parts for building an effective 160m wire vertical on our 18m fiberglass pole.
It also includes our 18m fiberglass pole and guying accessories.
This is a lightweight but robust design ideal for portable or permanent usage.
Power rating 1500W continuously.

The kit contains all parts including the 18m fiberglass pole.

Parts List
1x      Spiderbeam 18m fiberglass pole
1x      clamp set for 18m fiberglass pole
1x      7mm Nut Driver - for tightening the clamps
1x      Guy belt set for 18m fiberglass pole
3x      50m roll Kevlar guy line - for guying the fiberglass pole
20m   antenna wire (AWG 18) for building the vertical radiator wire
62m   UL-wire / Liv-2Yz (armid synthetic fibre and copper strands, Insulated) for building the 4 top capacitance hat wires
100m  roll PVDF Monofil for guying the 4 top hat wires
14 x  Insulators
1x     Radial Connection Box
0.5m  Heat shrink tube 6/2mm
5m    Kevlar rope (1mm diameter)
25x   100x2.5mm UV resistant cable ties
5x    300x4.8mm UV resistant cable ties