DYNEEMA 2,5mm Ø guy rope (50m roll)

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Weight: 0.26 kg

Strong but flexible Dyneema cord with very low elongation < 1% - for tensioning all fiberglass poles and small aluminum push-pull poles (up to 12.5m)

Very strong and flexible rope for guying our fibreglass poles or lighter aluminium Masts.

2.5mm diameter high strength PES(polyester) guy line with Dyneema core.

breaking strength: 400kg
weight: 4.2g per meter
UV resistant

The advantage of this rope is its combination of strength and flexibility, making it well suited for frequent coiling and uncoiling.
It has a very densely braided and UV-resistant black PES jacket protecting its Dyneema core and preventing it from penetrating to the outside.
A mast guyed with this flexible rope can cope with the forces of nearly any strong wind gusts.
Its flexibility enables you to easily erect and retract you mast installation, making it ideal for portable as well as permanent applications.
We recommend this rope for installations subject to harsh weather.
This Dyneema rope is stronger than the 1,9mm Kevlar rope and does not stretch nearly as much as simple PES rope.

The choice between our two types of guy ropes depends on the application:
A.) 2mm PES with Kevlar core: Stiff but minimal stretch rope, ideal for fixed permanent installations.
B.) New black 2.5mm PES with DYNEEMA core: Stronger, more flexible. Excellent for permanent installations and more practical in portable installations.

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