Payment Options

Dear customer,
should you decide to purchase our products, there are basically 3 payment options available to you.

1. bank transfer
If you choose the bank transfer option, you will be asked to pay in advance to our bank account mentioned below.
ACCOUNT HOLDER: Spiderbeam GmbH    
IBAN: DE27860100900001676906                 

Bank address for international transfers
Postbank Frankfurt
Eckenheimer Landstrasse 242
60320 Frankfurt

Note: Only registered business customers / regular customers can receive ordered goods on account after explicit agreement with Spiderbeam GmbH.

2. paypal
With the option Paypal you have in principle the possibilities of the payment to Paypal made available by Paypal in your Paypal account.
The many possibilities are constantly extended by Paypal and can not be shown here in detail.
Our online store offers you the direct forwarding to the payment portal of Paypal at the end of the ordering process.
You can then log in directly and securely via Paypal and authorize the payment from your account to ours.
If you do not want to pay this way, but still with Paypal, then choose as payment option 1. the bank transfer and tell us in the comment field that you want to pay independently from your Paypal account to our Paypal account:
This is not a problem. The customer service will then switch our offer or invoice to Paypal payment method.
So you can either pay independently or ask us to send a Paypal payment request from Paypal to the account you specified.
So you have all options when paying via Paypal.

3. credit card
With the option credit card you can only pay directly at the end of the ordering process with your credit card.
Since we basically do not want to learn, store or manage critical data about your credit card account, your credit card payment is particularly safe with us.
The redirection at the end of the order process, directly to the security server of the credit card payment server of our partner: SIX Group AG (SIX Payment Services and partner SAFERPAY, PAYONE & WOLRDLINE), Hardturmstrasse 201, CH-8005 Zurich, Switzerland prevents your security-critical data from being transmitted to us.
The SIX Group offers the highest possible liability and security for your payment process with the direct process only on its servers.
We can not and do not want to do a payment by credit card by phone or email, because this would require us to store and manage the associated data.
We thank you for your understanding. The security of your data is our highest priority.

Subsequent changes at your request
If you decide after your inquiry or order to change your previously requested payment method, or your order regarding service and products, then this is no problem. Until the day of shipment, we can take your wishes into account and adjust them as desired. Possible additional payments or refunds can also be carried out subsequently for the once authorized payments. For this we only need your wishes and consent to change the order accordingly.

Do not hesitate to contact us by email if you have any questions regarding payment.
An email in this regard will generally be answered the next business day.