Guy belts (22m pole), set of 2

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16.81 €

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Weight: 0.09 kg

Diameter: 63mm 36mm

These strong guy belts are an ideal method for quickly attaching guy ropes to the pole. The belts are very flexible and lightweight and transfer the forces into the mast over a very large area, thus preventing damage of the fiberglass tubes.

The package contains two belts for guying our 22m fiberglass at two levels.
Simply slide them over the mast.
The 63mm belt rests at the bottom of the 6th segment (= approx. 8,80m height).
The 36mm belt rests at the bottom of the 10th segment (= approx 15,6m height).
Attach 3 or 4 guy ropes (in 90° or 120° directions) to each belt and tie them to ground pegs at a given distance from the the pole.