35mm standpipe for Spiderbeam Yagis


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42.02 €

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Weight: 0.76 kg

Incl. clamp, for 10m/12,5m/15m/18m aluminium masts.

Separate tube segment with stainless steel clamp:

outer diameter: 35mm
wall thickness: 2mm
length: 120cm

suitable for all masts with a top segment of 30mm diameter

Can be used as a standpipe for the Spiderbeam in the following way:
Hold this tube vertically with the clamp section pointing downward. Mount the Spiderbeam to this tube. When you have the antenna completely assembled, simply slide the tube over the top segment of your aluminium mast and tighten the clamp. Voila! - You are now ready to push up the mast.

With this method, you can keep the antenna and mast two separate items until the very last moment. This often makes assembly easier, but it is not absolutely necessary. Of course you can simply mount your Spiderbeam directly to the top segment of the aluminium mast.

This tube segment is suitable for all masts with a top segment of 30mm diameter:
10m aluminium mast - 12.5m aluminium mast - 15m aluminium mast - 18m aluminium mast.