Spiderbeam Construction Guides

Building your own antenna is a lot of fun!
Especially after it is finished - get on the air with it and realize how well your homebrew spiderbeam really works! Assembly is straightforward and easy. Nearly no tuning procedure is necessary, making it an ideal newcomer’s project.

Construction Guide - Version 2.20

Follow our detailed construction guide (classic Heathkit-style step-by-step instructions) and build your own spider beam from scratch. Several helpful OMs have kindly translated the construction guide to their mother tongue, making it available in the following languages:

Deutsch Version 2.20 

EnglishVersion 2.20(TNX G3SHF (& group), G3MRC)

FrançaisVersion 2.20(TNX LX2AJ, F2LZ, F4ANJ, F5IJT, F6IIE)

EspañolVersion 2.20(TNX HB9ABX, EA2PA)

ItalianoVersion 2.20(TNX I0SKK, IZ5DIY, ...)

PortuguesVersion 2.20(TNX CT3EE, CT1IUA)

Russian (no-pyccku)Version 2.20(TNX RV3DA, RA3TT, UA3ZTZ)

ArabicVersion 2.20(TNX 7X5AV)

JapaneseVersion 2.20(TNX JA1KJW)

ChineseVersion 2.20(TNX BG7IGG)

SlovenskoVersion 2.20(TNX S51TA, S57XX)

Czech Version 2.20(TNX OK1DMU, OK1FIM)

HungarianVersion 2.20(TNX HA8SLT)

PolskiVersion 2.20(TNX SP8SW)

DanskVersion 2.20(TNX OZ8A)

FinnishVersion 2.20(TNX OH1RX, OH6NT)

SwedishVersion 2.20(TNX SM0ETT, SM0JZT, OH6NT)

NederlandsVersion 2.20(TNX PA1TT, PB0P, PE2RID)

CroatianVersion 2.20(TNX 9A2EU, 9A2NO, 9A6C)

BulgarianVersion 2.20(TNX LZ2STO)

RomanianVersion 2.20(TNX YO5QCD)

GreekVersion 2.20(TNX SV2KBS, SV8YM)

IndonesianVersion 2.10(TNX YC0CRA)

The construction guide will be updated frequently from your questions and suggestions. The current version number is V 2.20. It is available for free as a PDF document (36 pages, 750kB).
If you are interested click at the - symbol to download the packed files in ZIP format.
If you have a question, send an eMail to:.