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Over the years we have collected many reports and building instructions in our old shop system. Our Senior Consultant Rick DJ0IP has also provided many tips from his experience with our products on his homepage. For the time being, we will only link to them here, as our database in the new shop is still under construction. In the future, however, we will present all documents, tips and reports directly here. For the time being, please click on the links below.

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Free Construction Guide and other technical documents:
You will find the complete documentation about all our antennas here. A large selection of PDF documents is available.

Construction Guides

Technical Data

Kits & Parts Lists


30m Dipole Add-On

40m Dipole Add-On

Antenna theory:
Those who want to know a little more about the technical details and the principle of operation will find the answers in the article

Spiderbeam Basics

Broad-Band RF Choke (MWS):

Construction manual (German)     Construction manual (English)

160m Vertikal, Wire antenna kit:

  Download constuction guide 160-18-4WTH version 1.7b-2023 as PDF

Tips for users:
In this section you will find many hopefully valuable tips for the installation of the Spiderbeam or application examples for our 12m fibreglass masts and other good tips for application, care etc.on Rick's homepage:

Ham Radio Site DJ0IP

Discussion group at:  

The Spiderbeam Forum (eMail Reflector), moderated by Rick, DJ0IP

Lightweight portable wire antennas:  

Aerial-51 Antennen

All documents are constantly being expanded and new ones added.
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