GoPAK Version mit Öse (portabler Antennen Bausatz)

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Set aus 12m Fiberglasmast mit Öse + UL404 Antenne + Abspannzubehör

This ready-to-go Kit contains everything you need to get active within minutes on 40-(30)-20-17-15-12-10-6m

It is a fullsize REAL ANTENNA that puts out a BIG SIGNAL compared to most other "compromise" portable antennas.
This special Kit contains the following parts:
  • Aerial-51 model 404-UL ultralightweight, asymmetrical dipole
  • Spiderbeam 12m fiberglass pole
  • Clamp Set for 12m fiberglass pole
  • Guy Belt for 12m fiberglass pole
  • 50m roll of 2mm Kevlar guy line
  • 50m roll of white string on plastic hasp for securing the dipole ends to the ground pegs
  • Set of 2 straps for 12m pole
  • Set of 6 lightweight 12" plastic pegs
Detailed description of Aerial 51 model 404-UL, our ultra lightweight, asymmetrical dipole operating on 7 or 8 shortwave bands:

Band: 40m / (30m) / 20m / 17m / 15m / 12m / 10m / 6m
SWR (typical): < 1.7 / < 6 / < 2.2 / < 3.9 / < 2.0 / < 3.9 / < 2.2 / < 2.5
Maximum Power: 200W / (75W with tuner) / 200W / 200W with tuner / 200W / 200W with tuner / 200W / 200W
Antenna length: approx. 21m - strung in Inverted-Vee style
Weight: only 400g (including balun and 12m long special low-loss coax !!)


AERIAL-51 is a new antenna concept for combining extremely lightweight wire antennas with lightweight telescoping fiberglass poles, enabling rapid deployment of efficient antennas (within minutes) at heights previously unobtainable with a portable product.
Model 404-UL is an ultra lightweight, asymmetrical dipole for operation on 7 or 8 shortwave bands. It is constructed using very light, yet strong components. All hardware is stainless steel. The antenna radiator is made from CQ-534 insulated multi-strand copper-clad steel wire with 1mm outer diameter, which has very low wind load and weighs only 31gramm (!!) yet it still maintains a breaking strength of 10kg. The antenna comes including 12m coax which despite the low weight (only 185g) shows only very modest losses (< 1dB on 40m, < 2dB on 10m). The ultra lightweight matching unit not only matches the coax to the antenna, it also provides excellent choking resistance to suppress common mode current.

Its super lightweight makes Model 404-UL ideal for portable use with any of the Spiderbeam telescoping fiberglass poles (12/18/26m), turning your little pistol station into a BIG GUN.

No other portable antenna on the market combines so many bands with such high efficiency and such low weight!
Top Choice for: HOA restricted – Campers – Hikers – Bikers – SOTA – IOTA – ARES – and many more...

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